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I wanted to make a version of Brogue that one could easily complete a game in a coffee break, but still experience the entire Brogue experience.

Included in the download is a .tar.gz file which can be extracted on Linux. Inside, the modified source code can be found. To run the game, open a Terminal window and navigate to the .../coffeebrogue-1.7.4/bin folder using the cd command, then run ./brogue to open the game.

To use on windows, I recommend using an Ubuntu virtual machine with VirtualBox. I wrote up some instructions for how to accomplish this here: https://pastebin.com/ssG0sgsm

I modified the source code from the Linux distribution of Brogue 1.7.4. Credit to Brian Walker for making Brogue.

Changes from Brogue 1.7.4: SPOILERS!

  • Added more items on the first two floors
  • Increased the enchant level of all items when spawned
  • Down stairs now take you to a random lower floor, up to D26, instead of the next floor
  • Changed items to require only 1 turn to fully identify


  • If you want to rush floor 26, go up and down stairs a few times
  • You have to go up the stairs normally; keep this in mind when taking stairs down to random floors
  • If you want to go to the next floor, jump down a pit instead of using the stairs


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Too bad I'm on a Win10 laptop with very short HD space and RAM... I can't even install a 10 Go Virtual Machine, much less run it without my computer to crash I guess, as it often do when overloaded.
Any chance we'll have a full Windows version anytime please?

For you and others like you! Someone on Reddit made a Windows version fairly quickly after I posted the mod. Here's a link! https://www.reddit.com/r/brogueforum/comments/83qlb4/coffee_brogue_by_kiazi/dvpg...

Thanks!! :) Well, I try it and was propelled from floor 1 to floor 25 while taking the stairs! Alterning in between floor 25 & 26 I died a very early death hahaha!

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